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Homestay in Ban Pla Khao

A nice and very good way to learn Thai is by doing it. A fun kind of total immersion holiday in which you learn a lot and fast!

We do that in the village Ban Pla Khao. This charming little village lies in the province of Amnat Charoen close to the border with Laos deep in the Isan region. Our village is well known for its mor lam performances. A form of song and dance popular in Thailand and Laos. Of course we’ll join in!

Dancing in  Ban Pla Khao

The village is rural. Really rural. Not that many people speak English, so you have extra reason to put in some effort! Rice farming is the business of the day, and village life is focused around it. You’ll see rice paddies everywhere. Especially during the rainy season, it’s lovely green. The environment is unspoiled. You’ll be in the real Thailand.

Dancing in  Ban Pla Khao
Dancing in  Ban Pla Khao

Food is great, the style is ‘Isan’: a bit spicy, lots of charcoaled grilled meat, and plenty of herbs. You don’t need or even want to visit a 3 star Michelin restaurant. Our food is better!

Singing is a very popular form of entertainment. Together with folk dancing. Watch it, or join in. Up to you. What can you do in our village? Visit temples and shrines. Watch how people weave baskets, cotton and silk. That’s not a tourist attraction, that’s how they earn their living.

3 days - 3 night Learn Thai speaking and cooking progam

Afternoon - evening: arrival on the airport.

Pickup and transfer to Baan Phaassa Thai

Relax and settle in.


06.00 - 07.00: Get up and ready for breakfast.

07.00 - 08.30: Breakfast with toast, coffee, tea, fruit juice and omelet.

09.00 - 11.00: Thai lesson. You learn greetings, conversation, formal and informal and how to introduce yourself to a new friend.

11.30 - 13.30: Isaan cooking class. Learn to prepare:

  • Somtam: Papaya salad
  • Laap Plaa: Spicy minds fish salad
  • khai jiaw: Omelet isaan style
  • Khaaw niaw: sticky rice
  • Khaaw suay: steamed white rice

13.30 - 16.30: Experience village life in Ban Pla Kao. Speak with the villagers. Practise your skills in Thai on them. While there, visit the OTOP shop that sells unique handicrafts made only here. We also go to the spiritual places of the village:  the temple and shrines.

17.00 - 18.00 Visit the Friday evening market in the Chimpli temple

18.00 - 19.00: Relax and get ready for dinner.

19.00 - 21.30: Dinner & entertainment.

  • Stir-fried Chicken with cashew nuts
    (Kay phat met mamuang him mapan say kaij)
  • Grilled fish with salt
    (Plaa phaw yaay klua)
  • Fried mixed vegetables
    (phat phak ruammit)

21.30: Retire for the night.

06.00 - 07.00: Getting up and ready for breakfast

07.00 - 08.30: Breakfast with toast, coffee, tea, fruit juice and boiled rice with shrimp (khaaw tom kung).

09.00 - 11.00: Thai lesson, preview of the previous lesson. You learn Thai numerals, shppping and how to order food.

11.30 - 13.30: Isaan cooking class and lunch.

  • Keng Plaa
    (Fish curry with fried rice)
  • Mackerel with chilli paste and vegetables
    (Nam phrik plaathu)
  • Sticky rice and steamed rice
    (Khaaw niaw & khaaw suay)

13.30 - 17.00: Visit Ban Poom. This village is known for its pottery. Learn how pottery is made, what kind of clay is used and make some pottery yourself.

18.00 - 19.00: Relax before dinner.

19.00 - 21.30: Dinner with Isaan dancing.

  • Spicy chicken curry with tamarind, in Isaan sytle
    (Tom yam kay)
  • Jackfruit soup
    (Sup khanum)
  • Stir-fried vegetables with shrimp
    (Phat phak kung)
  • Sticky rice and steamed rice
    (Khaaw niaw & khaaw suay)

21.30: Retire for the night.

06.00 - 07.00: Getting ready for breakfast.

07.00 - 08.30: Breakfast with toast, coffee, tea, fruit juice and boiled rice with fish (khaaw tom plaa).

09.00 - 11.00: Basic Thai lesson. We start with a review of what you have learned. You learn how to ask for directions and how to talk to a taxi driver.

11.30 - 13.30: Thai cooking class and lunch.

  • Rice noodles with fish sauce
    (Khanom jin plaa thuu)

13.30 - 16.30: Visit an organic farm. Learn how vegetables are grown and how to plant them.

16.30: Transfer to the airport.



  • Village market
  • Village temple
  • Village temple
  • thai pottery
  • Guave
  • thai fruit

Stay in my house

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The Details

  • Each course is 3 days / 3 nights
  • Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon
  • All materials included
  • Food, drinks, accommodation included
  • Attraction fees included
  • Round trip air fare included
  • Departure Don Mueang Airport
  • Transfer from/to Ubon Ratchathani Airport 

Price pp: Bt. 21.000

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