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Beginner’s Course

In this course you learn the very basics of Thai language in 30 hours. How to buy things on the market. Ask for directions in the street. How to greet someone properly – when not to ‘wai’ a cashier or taxi driver, for example.

In the initial course students will be able to learn to speak Thai correctly covering areas such as:

  • Social introduction, greetings and basic conversation when meeting Thai friends.
  • Recognizing Thai numerals, time of day, and name of the days are also included in the first course.
  • Other features include cultural aspects, the social hierarchy regarding age.
  • At a practical level, the course will enable students to make appointments recognizing the time in Thai and basic numbers.


  • Bt. 17,100 – each lesson is 1 hour
  • Bt. 16,500 – each lesson is 1,5 hours
  • Bt. 15,900 – each lesson is 2 hours

  • Course length: 30 hours
  • All our courses come with all you need: books and writing materials.
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