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Homestay in Isaan

You can learn Thai in 5 days in my village in the Northeast of Thailand.

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Going really Thai!

Sometimes we go to a local Thais school, "up country".

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Thailand = Buddhism

Thailand is a Buddhist country. That reflects in the language as well.

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Reading and Writing

Learning the Thai alphabet is easy. You can do it in 14 days!

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On the market

Smething fun to do, and give you a feeling of accomplishment!

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Small Classes

We work with small classes and groups. It's more fun to learn.

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Sawat dii ka!

Hi, my name is Yawwalak Kaalakeet. I have been teaching Thai language to foreign students for almost 30 years.

I started Baan Phaasaa Thai in 1999 and have continued until now applying my teaching skills to assist those looking to learn Thai.

Baan Phaasaa Thai teaching programs also provide for online lessons via Skype and in private personal lessons for speaking, reading, and writing Thai.

Learning Thai is fun and rewarding. It isn’t half as hard as most people think. Our courses are designed for adults and make it not hard at all.

Yawwalak Kaalakeet

Our Courses

Advanced Thai language course

Beginner's Course

This course gets you started in Thai language. In 30 hours you learn how to buy things on the market, and ask for directions on the street.

Beginner's course

Intermediate Thai language course

Intermediate Course

In this course we focus on vocabulary, mannerisms, Thai culture and etiquette. In 30 hours you expand your knowledge of Thai.

Intermediate course

Advanced Thai language course

Advanced Course

In this course we go in detail what you need to know.
This is a good foundation for the ‘por hok’ exam, the official exam in Thai language.

Advanced course

Immersion Thai language course

Immersion Course

This course we only do one week per month, with a minimum number of students. You’ll study three hours in the morning, and practice three hours in the afternoon.

Immersion course

Skype Thai language course

Skype Course

You’re not in Thailand? Want to learn Thai anyway? Why don’t you try our Skype course? The first lesson is free! It’s a great way to get the tones right – a must in Thai.

Skype course

Homestay Thai language course

Homestay Course

This course lasts five days in Isaan, with a minimum number of students. You’ll study three hours in the morning, and practice three hours in the afternoon.

Homestay course

Learning Thai ... is fun!

Start learning today!

visiting a local school upcountry

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