What’s a Skype course?

Thai is a tonal language. A word can mean something completely different, pending the tone. This concept we know too in English, but to a much lesser extend. Take the word ‘house’ for example. If you raise the tone, it becomes a question: house?. If you lower the tone it becomes negative, like a no good house. In Thai the word ‘ma’ can mean go to, dog or horse. It all depends on the right tone.

That’s why it is not so easy to learn by yourself from a book. You will never get the tone right. You need someone to correct you, and to help you how to get the right tone. That I do in the Skype course, online.

It doesn’t matter where you live. America, England, Australia – wherever. We connect through Skype, and you get one on one teaching. The courses are the same as our ‘live’ courses in Bangkok. Not the Immersion Course, you have to be there in the flesh. But all other courses you can do with Skype.

What do you need?

  • a good internet connetection. LAN or WiFi doesn’t matter.
  • writing materials at hand.
  • headseta good headset is vital! Two earplugs with a microphone somewhere is not a good idea!

We provide you with all you need: course materials and books.

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