Skype Course


Skype Course

You don’t live in Thailand? No Thai who can help you learning Thai language? Then you have a problem. Thai is a tonal language. Many words have different meanings, pending the tone. The word ‘maa’ can mean ‘to come’, ‘horse’, or even ‘dog’. Or the words for ‘far away’ and ‘nearby’ both are ‘glay’ Which one it is depends on the tone. You can learn to write it properly, but how to you learn the right tone? On your own, that’s quite difficult.

That’s why we have a Skype class. You can study and practise with us online. Your teacher will correct you, and help you get the right tone for the right word.

Our Skype course is the same as our regular courses. You just do them online.

The prices are slightly different, but the contents is the same. This is really a great way to learn Thai before you go to Thailand! If you book a Skype course, tell us which course you want: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

What you need for this course:

  • good internet connection (of course!) – wifi or cable is up to you.
    a headset – that is a headset with a microphone attached to it.
  • regular time available – this is not something to do on a whim!
    You really need to have one or more hours per week available.
  • a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, a good headset with a microphone.
    Those headsets aren’t expensive, and a lot better than 2 earplugs with a mike somewhere on the cable.
  • a pen and paper at hand, if you also want to learn to write. Or to make notes. You’ll need and want it!

All courses are 30 hours. Prices are:

Bt 16,500, each lesson is 1 hour
Bt. 17,100, each lesson is 1,5 hours
Bt. 16,500, each lesson is 2 hours

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