Advanced Course


Advanced course

This 30 hours course trains you for

The intermediate course, advances the skills to learn informal speaking, more aspects of Thai culture, mannerisms. Key practical areas include when shopping and in local markets being able to bargain prices with local traders. Other areas cover ordering food at restaurants, ordering a taxi and asking basic questions when travelling.

bptWhat do we charge?

Bt. 18,300; each lesson is 1 hour
Bt. 17,100; each lesson is 1,5 hours
Bt. 16,800; each lesson is 2 hours

  • The Advanced course in speaking Thai will help set you on your way to conversation Thai, highlighting grammatical aspects of the language.
  • Also attention to a much deeper understanding of Thai culture including major ceremonies such as weddings.
  • The student will also be introduced to the many classifiers of objects, and enable a wider degree of conservation including with, fellow workers, assistants or housekeepers.

We provide everything you need in this course: books and writing materials.

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